Fairchild Television

Talentvision is the very first Mandarin television network established in Canada. During this landmark in the Canadian television industry, we will like to reiterate our commitment to our audiences and advertising clients; equipped with the most dynamic technical and human resources, Talentvision is proud to offer one of Canada best television services.

The influx of Chinese immigrants has helped Canada to establish itself as an attractive consumer market to both Chinese and mainstream businesses. As Talentvision is now moving into Mandarin broadcast, this further enhances ourselves as the most favorable medium for penetration into the Chinese community.

According to Ipsos Reid 2007 Canadian Chinese Media Monitor, the average daily reach of Talentvision is the highest among the major media that target primarily Mandarin speaking Chinese in both Vancouver and Toronto. In Vancouver, Talentvision reaches on average 54% of the Mandarin speaking Chinese adults 18+ every week, surpasses the most read newspaper by 116%. In Toronto, Talentvision also reaches 114% more Mandarin speaking Chinese adults than the second ranking medium on a daily basis.